"When we Dance, the Earth Dances"

                     Tree voices

                   find echo

                and companionship

             such as to rest back

            And continue

             their playing


            These dances

           strip me


         Each breath

     a pilgrimage


                         Dancing feet

                            kiss earth

                              kiss river

                                kiss beauty


                                And she

                             in her wildness



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Dance & Movement to unlock the potency of who we really are

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Earth Dances Denise Rowe

Dance & Movement to unlock the Potency of who we really are


Earth Dances is an invitation to embrace our fullness in movement, stillness, celebration and rest.


Woven from many threads, this work opens us to the place from which the dance arises - our place in the family of things.


Here, embracing the unique medicine we bring, we are able to offer and to receive, and to celebrate our being alive on this magnificent earth!


We are moving breathing beings, part of this rich tapestry of the living cosmos.  Our lives are affected by all that is within and without us.  We belong.  And each of our lives is a unique expression, a unique opportunity.


Earth Dances arises from a fertile meeting ground between traditional and neo-traditional pan-African dance and non-stylised and environmental movement, drawing also on threads from Shiatsu, Aikido and Shamanic traditions.  


These dance and movement forms share an implicit commonality:  They are dances in connection with the cosmos, they are the awakening of the whole being in relation with environment and the awakening of the body-in-movement’s wisdom, a wisdom that arises when being is awake to itself.


My work begins in this place and takes me on whatever journey it has in store, whether that be performance, film, workshop, retreat, writing or my own ongoing practice


The landscape where the dancer travels is the shared landscape of the soul and is available to everyone.  Here all else falls away and we are re-united with that which is true within us.  A doorway is opened to a timeless place where being recognises itself.  A direct line to the heart of divine mystery arises from this recognition of a wordless truth.  This place is spiritual by nature.  This place is the present moment






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