"When we Dance, the Earth Dances"

                     Tree voices

                   find echo

                and companionship

             such as to rest back

            And continue

             their playing


            These dances

           strip me


         Each breath

     a pilgrimage


                         Dancing feet

                            kiss earth

                              kiss river

                                kiss beauty


                                And she

                             in her wildness



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Dance & Movement to unlock the potency of who we really are

Join Words from the Wild



Anchoring ~ Integration ~ Mentorship

An invitation for your body’s truth to blossom


A 12 month programme supporting ongoing practice

and integration of body-earth wisdom into daily life


Summer 2017 to Summer 2018

Dartmoor National Park


This course is based around 1:1 sessions to anchor and integrate your personal practice and to bring the treasures of the

Earth Dances work forwards into your daily life.  


You may have a particular focus area, or want to create space

for the work done so far to develop, deepen and flourish,

anchoring yourself in your embodied breathing being,

the land and the holding of your ancestors.


The programme has 3 main tiers available as follows:


The Bridge Workshops Women's Workshops Classes Retreats & Camps Foot to Earth Education One to One

Weaving the Threads

weaving the threads web

Basic (The foundation) ~ £680


* An initial long weekend gathering as a group

* 6 1:1 sessions with me in Devon, either inside or out on the land

* A monthly movement score from me* An online forum to support your development & grounding

* Your commitment to regular ongoing practice & to meet with group members once during the duration of the course

* A final 3 day gathering as a group


Enhanced (Additional support) ~ £890


The basic package, plus

* Extended 1:1 sessions in Devon

* 4 Skype sessions with me between the 1:1 sessions


Full (Deep enquiry) ~ £1080


The enhanced package, plus

* Turn one of your 1:1 sessions into an immersive tailored day with me, including:

* 1:1 inside session

* Outside movement journey

* Shiatsu bodywork session


This programme will run as a pilot with between 3 and 6 participants


Entry requirements:  Completion of The Bridge programme and/or the Heart of the Dance retreat

Payment terms:  A £200 non-refundable deposit is required to book your place.  The balance is payable in one or two installments to be agreed