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Prayer Dolls

For the Remembering

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In honour and remembrance
of the women persecuted

for their embodiment of the wild wise feminine
during the ‘witch hunts’ of the Middle Ages

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“Nobody knows the exact figure because records were not kept,
but it seems certain that during a three-hundred-year period
between three and five million women were tortured and killed...
It was enough for a woman to show a love for animals,
walk alone in the fields or woods, or gather medicinal plants
to be branded a witch…”

Eckhard Tolle, A NEW EARTH, p155

Denise Rowe is collecting prayer dolls in honour and remembrance
of these women, and the wild wise feminine within all of us.

The project will culminate in a temporary installation
of 1,000,000 prayer dolls in the landscape.


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May we all remember
The truth of who we really are
As part of this living Earth

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