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The Dragon's Hearth

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Coming home, taking flight...

The Dragon's Hearth

A homecoming

An exploration

An invocation

Life is a constant threshold, constantly asking us to step through, to step in

and be part of the weave, the beauty and the mystery rather than trying to watch it from the outside. 

There is no outside, and when we think there is, and we try to hang out there,

we just create a different kind of ripple in the weave.


Can you hear this?

Can you hear what is trying to speak through the clumsy weight of words? 

Maybe you could hear me better if we were running across a beach on a cold windy day after a dip in the cold waves, running because it's the only reasonable way to stay warm in this moment...

Our bodies haven't forgotten how to listen

Our hearts haven't forgotten how to love

What are we choosing?

And if the dragons come to you in a dream, dressed up as old friends and half-remembered places,

will you give them space to breathe a little? 

Will you give life space to breathe a little before you come to any conclusions?

What if all you need is already given?

What if we are woven of magic and mystery?

What if we are dragon folks, dreaming ourselves into embodied remembering?


And what if the path home is in the centre of your being?

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Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK

Fees will be discussed on receipt of your application

Entry Requirements:  
Completion of Weaving the Threads

This is an ongoing programme.

Please contact us if you would like to gather at the hearth

Open to between 4 and 12 participants.  


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