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Embodied Truth

Embodied Truth: Services

Continuation of the
Earth Dances Training

A Call from the Earth


Our bodies know how to access truth
That truth is gold
That truth is our courage
And our thriving

The earth calls us close now
To take a stand
On the solid ground of ourselves

To Remember
To trust
To love

And to live this life!


A cycle through the year deepening the connection of body, earth and spirit through recognition of, and alignment with

the seasons, elements, phases of the moon, and internal stars of the body


Embodied Truth has evolved in response to the current awakening of consciousness of ourselves as part of this living Earth. 

There is a call from the Earth for us to be present, listen deeply, align with truth, and shine the light of that truth

through all that we are and all that we do, to be part of the great remembering. 


We will work with embodied movement, shamanic practices & ceremony both inside and with landscapes of moorland, coast, river and forest, cultivating our natural ability to harvest Embodied Truth.

Movement ~ Dance ~ Journey Work ~ Ceremony

Dates for 2024 ~ 2025

23 ~ 27 October 2024:  Autumn ~ The Opening ~ Secret Eye
Warrior sees unflinching into the play of life & death

6 ~ 10 January 2025:  Winter ~ The Drop ~ Womb/Hara
Deep mystery dreams herself into being

31 March ~ 4 April 2025:  Spring ~ The Rise ~ Solar Plexus
Huntress of truth takes aim

7 ~ 12 July 2025:  Summer ~ The Blossoming ~ Heart
Sovereign stands tall within the heart field of herself

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Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK


Full Price:  £2,120

Reduced Rate:  £1,910

Concessions:  £1,695
(instalment plans available for an extra 10% on all prices)

Price covers 21 days of tuition and ceremony, hearty soup & homemade bread for lunches during the first and second modules, and shared dormitory accommodation during the first and second modules.

All prices include £250 non-refundable deposit to book your place.
Once you begin the course you are committed to paying in full.

Entry Requirements:

Participation in The Bridge Programme


Lets be the ones we are waiting for


Embodied Truth: Text
Embodied Truth: Testimonials

An exquisitely held exploration into the depths and vastness of our being

Sophia Efthimiou

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