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Deep Dives

Deep Dives: Services

We've been programmed

Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unconsciously

But we've been programmed

And part of that programming is to fit in to and follow 

a cultural paradigm which is based on separation

and greater or lesser degrees of disregard

for other people, other non-human beings and the earth herself

Many of us don't want to follow this programming

And don't believe in it

But it's been embedded into us 

and is operating on sub-conscious level

that keeps us feeling smaller than we are,

less empowered than we are

less loving than we are

When we dive deeply in a dedicated group

we can support each other

to open into the vastness of the truth of we we really are,

to anchor ourselves with all that supports and holds us,

and to trust this, and breath it through our lives

Ongoing Immersive Journeys

Journey deeply in a dedicated group to discover inner gold and stand on solid gournd


The Bridge

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Embodied Truth


Weaving the Threads

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The Dragon's Hearth

Deep Dives: Services

One to One sessions with Denise

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Calling in the Earth

Join me for an hour out in the landscape and we'll open into

what is here and needing attention,

and create a way to tend to it

through movement, sound and ceremony in partnership with the beings of the land

Embodied Support

A co-created hour with me

in a warm and safe space

to tend to what is present

through movement, journeying, sharing and mentorship 


to begin or deepen your relationship

with rhythm, dance or mbira

Online Support

45 minutes with me online

to open into what is

present, and to tend to it

through movement, journeying, sharing and mentorship.  

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