The Bridge


Foundation of the
Earth Dances Training

A powerfully transformative immersive journey connecting body, earth and spirit

through embodied movement, traditional pan-African dance & rhythm,
movement in the landscape, creative expression & ceremony

It’s time to remember the truth of who we really are as part of this living Earth
So that we can take a stand on the solid ground of ourselves
And live in alignment, honour and gratitude for the gift of life

The Bridge comprises of 3 meetings of 5/6 days each,
with ongoing practices, an individual session between the contact time and a suggested reading list.  
  Dates and content for 2021-2022

11th ~ 15th November 2021
Body, Land, Ancestry
Embodied arrival in the landscape in the presence of our ancestors.  The place from which dance and truth arises

14th ~ 18th February 2022 (tbc)
Entering the Rhythm
Dropping into rhythm together through pan-African dance & rhythm traditions.   Includes Ceremonial Mbira Night
6th ~ 11th June 2022
Return to the Centre
Bringing ourselves with fullness into the centre of our own lives through dance, movement and ceremony




Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK

Full Price:  £1,420

Reduced Rate:  £1,180 

Concessions: £995 

(instalment plans available)


All prices include £250 non-refundable deposit to book your place. 

Once you begin the course you are committed to paying in full.

Prices cover 16 days of tuition and ceremony, hearty soup and homemade bread for lunches during the first and second modules, shared dormitory accommodation during the second module.

You will need to find your own accommodation for the first and third modules, and bring your own lunches for the third module.  Individual rooms are available for the second module at an extra charge.

Entry Requirements:  
A minimum of 3 days with Denise including time spent in the landscape and in dance/rhythm

Equivalent training/practice and a minimum of 1 day with Denise

Please contact us if you would like to join this training

Open to between 6 and 10 participants.  
Participants of The Bridge automatically qualify to apply for the Embodied Truth advanced programme, the Heart of the Dance Zimbabwe retreat and the Weaving the Threads integration programme



An exquisitely held exploration into the depths and vastness of our being

Sophia Efthimiou