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River of Mbira

We are flooded with water, basking in her, poured through by her, blessed by her.  

She is our life-blood, our memory, our teacher


In rural Zimbabwe she visits only sometimes.


Join Kennedy Chinyere, Denise Rowe and guests for an hour and a half of sacred mbira music

To hold your heart amid these crazy times,

And to offer something back, in gratitude for the rich traditions so generously shared with us,

And in honour of the beauty of this ancient music that still comes to us saying:


‘I can hold you in this'

50% of all donations will go towards building a solar powered borehole

For the Trees of Hope mbira community in rural Zimbabwe

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Drum & Dance Classes

Join the Shumba Tribe!
African drum & dance classes in Devon with our sister company, Shumba Arts

New ONLINE COURSE Starts 11th November

Workshops, Retreats, Camps
and Ongoing Groups

All you need to rekindle your body's knowing of deep embodied truth

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For Tribe

Deep Dives

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One to One sessions with Denise

Looking for some personal attention?

Denise offers one to one movement sessions, shiatsu bodywork and mbira lessons
Please get in touch to find out more


There is a teacher present in all things

She is with you at every moment

Eternal, patient, forged from forgiveness and love

She speaks a language your being understands

Expressing herself in life’s many forms

Listen... She breathes