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Wings & Tail

Retreat for Women

With Denise Rowe & Sophia Efthimiou

Three days of embodied movement, voice exploration and ceremony,

to rediscover our innate freedom

and find home in our bodies, hearts and spirits

Wings & Tail
Wings & Tail
27 Jun 2024, 16:00
Coed Hills


Sophia arms.jpg

Sophia Efthimiou is a voice weaver, song carrier, creative facilitator and Holistic Voice Therapist. She has been holding space for transformational voice work for over 16 years and is dedicated to supporting people to find an authentic and embodied relationship with their voice.

Sophia invites us to experience the truth of ourselves as resonant beings within a vibrational world, supporting a deep remembering, and ancient sense of belonging.

Her work reflects a reverence for nature, and the human potential for healing and empowerment through connection to the earth, our own hearts and each other.

Sophia has spent time with the ancient spirit traditions of Zimbabwe and Mexico, and studied West African rhythm in The Gambia. She has collected songs from many traditions and cultures, and teaches them in an easeful way, honouring the lands where they originated, inviting anyone of any ability to experience the joy and healing of singing together in harmony. 

Sophia has completed all of the ‘Earth Dances’ trainings with Denise Rowe, and since 2016 she has been a supporting musician on several of the year-long programmes.

Since 2021 she has been offering ‘Embodied Song’ Retreats bringing together therapeutic voice work, song, improvisation, movement, Earth honouring and ritual.

Sophia has trained with the ‘British Academy of Sound Therapy’ and received a distinction in her ‘Holistic Voice Therapy’ Diploma.

Her song ‘This is Home’, featured in her TEDx talk ‘Singing Ourselves Home’, is sung by choirs all over the world. 

Sophia now runs Song Leader Training programmes alongside her two community choirs and retreats.

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