Earth Rising

Outdoor and online events to honour life

and root ourselves in grounded openhearted alignment

Earth Rising

28th June ~ 5th July 2020.  Dartmoor, Devon and online


At this time of change and re-alignment, the calls of Earth and Truth are stronger than ever.

We've all been changed, brought home to ourselves in new ways

And now we are at a threshold of emergence.

Earth Rising is a series of outdoor and online offerings to support us at the threshold

So that our emergence is rooted in truth, guided by our hearts,

And grounded in our knowing of ourselves as part of this earth and each other.

At the Heart of Earth Rising is a Ceremonial Mbira Night on Friday 3rd July

followed by an Embodied Truth Workshop on Saturday 4th July

(embodied movement, movement in the landscape, dance prayer)

These sessions are framed by two outdoor Women Walking movement workshops for women,

a Singing Ourselves Home workshop with Sophia Efthimiou

And an Embodying Mbira workshop with Denise Rowe and Kennedy Chinyere


Earth Rising calls us to tribe and remembering, that we might live with integrity, kindness and grace.

Join us for whatever resonates with you

There is a 10% discount available if you attend more than one event. 

Please contact us for details

Earth Rising: Women Walking
Dartmoor National Park
Earth Rising: Embodied Truth
Online event
Earth Rising: Ceremonial Mbira
Online event
Earth Rising: Singing ourselves Home
Online event
Earth Rising: Women Walking
Dartmoor National Park

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