Supporting you to reconnnect with gratitue and joy,

to trust yourself and know your power,

so we can make a stand for generous love in the world


~ Its time to remember ~


Wild Unknown Times

What times we are living in!

The Earth is asking us to stay present, stay available and keep our hearts open.

And I'm offering a few NEW online events to keep us all connected

If you book on any Earth Dances event that has to be cancelled due to coronavirus

you will be entitled to a full refund

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Drum & Dance Classes

Join the Shumba Tribe!
African drum & dance classes in Devon with our sister company, Shumba Arts



Deep Honouring

When we honour ourselves,

we honour the Earth
When we honour the Earth,

we honour ourselves
Its all one body
Its all one being


An exquisitely held exploration into the depths and vastness of our being

Sophia Efthimiou


You are the river that pours through your life
Without you, the landscape is barren


Greetings from the Wild

My work is about weaving together threads and walking into the unknown


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